January 26th 2008

Seeing is Believing..

Outside my window in Boston, I’m glad to be back in warm weather.

Back to work on some new stuff.

That’s some new Party Bear on the screen.

Everyone should pick up my buddy Nathan Fox’s Pigeons from Hell. I have a tiny pinup in the back of the trade.

My snowboard in the new Shaun White game is super expensive, and I have yet to purchase it in game.

The little blurb you get if you press x.

I picked up a copy of Comics International, which has a sweet color feature on Aqua Leung! Read the rest of this entry »


December 3rd 2008

Ok, first off, I forgot I took this little progress photo a few weeks ago. It compares the pencils on my page to the way I script on the right. I believe that’s page 50 of Party Bear.

Here’s a special Aqua sketch for my buddy Jimi Hazel of 24-7 Spyz fame. If you aren’t familiar with their music,
here’s their myspace. Been one of my favorite bands for the longest time.


They’re playing a show with King’s X in NY December 16th. I can’t make it, but if you’re in the area you should totally catch them play, they’re awesome and so is King’s X.

November 12th 2008

Just about through all my non comics art commitments.  It’s getting dark way too early here.

October 3rd 2008

Hey, ever wonder what it would have been like if I colored Suburban Galmour by Jamie Mckelvie?

Probably not.

I was actually asked to, but I turned it down as I was working on my own stuff. However, Jamie asked me to do a rush coloring job for some non comics stuff a few months back. Neither the art or the colors represent our best, but then again neither of us slept while this stuff was cranked out. Here’s a tease of something you’ll probably never see unless you’re going to that college it was made for.

In other news, I’m hard at work on Party Bear. It’s not returning until December, but here’s a sneak peek without any dialog to spoil anything.

September 16th 2008

Yesterday was a good day. I wrote ten pages of which I was very happy with.

A lot of things in the works lately, and I’m making good progress on all of them.

I just got a copy of Under the Radar magazine in the mail, and I noticed Popgun 2 was reviewed. And I was kind of sort of mentioned along with Nikki Cook and Benito. Which is kind of cool, since Prey On You, my first “credited” written story has gotten a few nods around the internet. I won’t get into the whole not getting credit as a writer thing on Aqua.

CBT also got a good review, but my story was so small it will never stand out in that 500 page monster.

Now if only they would send me a copy of CBT and Popgun so I can actually read them..

LASTLY, I would like to thank Olli Hihnala ( http://korintic.deviantart.com/) for coming on to Party Bear and beyond helping me keep the machine running by providing flatting work. Check out his work, he’s awesome.

September 16th 2008

See, I DO draw..

April 12th 2008

Here’s an interview I did with Mark.

These two pages are an example of the back and forth coloring method Russ and I used. Above image Russ’s original colors, below image my final revisions.

Here’s the rest of the interview!


My original interview asnwers had been edited down by Mark, omitting sections where I talk about writing Aqua Leung.