January 26th 2008

Seeing is Believing..

Outside my window in Boston, I’m glad to be back in warm weather.

Back to work on some new stuff.

That’s some new Party Bear on the screen.

Everyone should pick up my buddy Nathan Fox’s Pigeons from Hell. I have a tiny pinup in the back of the trade.

My snowboard in the new Shaun White game is super expensive, and I have yet to purchase it in game.

The little blurb you get if you press x.

I picked up a copy of Comics International, which has a sweet color feature on Aqua Leung! Read the rest of this entry »


September 8th 2008

Pigeons from H E double hockey stick

I wasn’t sure if I should post it, but I’ve already seen a couple artists post theirs, so what the heck.

Nathan Fox asked me to do a pinup for the PFH trade coming out in Jan. We did a huge art swap at NY comic con and I walked away with a ton of rad art from him. It’s too bad he draws on Paul Pope size paper and I can’t afford to custom frame any of it just yet. I still have Guy Davis art to frame from that art swap..

I had to retire my brush shortly after drawing this. It drew Aqua Leung and everything I’ve done since 2006. It just wasn’t working the way it should. and was slowing things down. I’m going to try some new brushes and see how I feel about them. I’m pretty picky.

December 28th 2007

Another Christmas in the bag. I have lots of movies to watch.

I have pictures to post. When I have some more spare time I’ll post em.

Here’s a little drawing I did for the STAPLE! 2008 con program.

I got a lot of work done today, so yay me.

May 29th 2007

For an art book, that I have no idea when It’s actually coming out.

I got a really nice deal on some portfolios at the art store. I think they were like 9 bucks a pop for some slightly damaged 11x17s

I have 6, which hold 48, which should hold pretty much all my sequentials.

I thought about it, and felt lazy that I haven’t drawn over 200 pages of comics. But, then I remembered that I’ve drawn a couple hundred pages worth of comics in my small canson sketchbook.

Then I felt sad again, because it made me think about how much matrial I’m just sitting on.

May 17th 2007

Pinup for my friend Alberto Ruiz.

January 14th 2007

Hey for any of my friends in NY, there’s a party going down for ACT-I-VATE’s birthday.

Here’s the details.
starts at six, goes party til late
sweet drink specials all nite
morsels and vittles

See ya there.

December 13th 2006

I drew this!