January 26th 2008

Seeing is Believing..

Outside my window in Boston, I’m glad to be back in warm weather.

Back to work on some new stuff.

That’s some new Party Bear on the screen.

Everyone should pick up my buddy Nathan Fox’s Pigeons from Hell. I have a tiny pinup in the back of the trade.

My snowboard in the new Shaun White game is super expensive, and I have yet to purchase it in game.

The little blurb you get if you press x.

I picked up a copy of Comics International, which has a sweet color feature on Aqua Leung! Read the rest of this entry »


November 9th 2008

Austin American Statesman FAILS.

I was attending the Book People Art SPEIGALMAN signing and lecture a few weeks ago when I was stopped by the Statesman. More specifically Katherine Tanney felt that I didn’t give her the type of quotes she was fishing for and decided to take a little jab at me in her column.

“In attendance: Local comic book artist, Paul Maybury, 26, whose graphic novel, “Aqua Leung,” was published in April. “I thought it was great,” he said of Spiegelman’s presentation. When pressed for something more, Maybury fell silent, which perhaps explains why, for his own book, he chose to collaborate with writer Mark Andrew Smith. Books sold: 60 copies of “Breakdowns,” 15 copies of Spiegelman’s new children’s book, “Jack & the Box,” 15 copies of “Maus,” and 10 copies of his 9/11 memoir, “In the Shadow of No Towers.””

I remember her asking me what I thought and saying that, and before I could get another sentence out she was like, “That’s it?” as if my answer didn’t cut it. At that point I really didn’t feel like talking to her but I ellaborated anyways and explained that Maus was one of my first graphic novels etc. etc.

Any ways, perhaps master journalist Katherine Tanney could spend less time being rude, and more time double checking her typos.

Klosterman, Soiegelman and Vowell invade Austin
Three authors offer three very different sensibilities
By Katherine Tanney
Sunday, November 09, 2008″

Full article here.

Click me.

May 18th 2008

After MANY delays due to Tom’s email hating mine, here is the final interview for Comicsreporter.


It’s one of the best interviews so far.

April 12th 2008

Here’s an interview I did with Mark.

These two pages are an example of the back and forth coloring method Russ and I used. Above image Russ’s original colors, below image my final revisions.

Here’s the rest of the interview!


My original interview asnwers had been edited down by Mark, omitting sections where I talk about writing Aqua Leung.

April 11th 2008

March 23rd 2008

Aqua on CSN and mentioned in Wizard

More scans Read the rest of this entry »

March 9th 2008

Javier and I talk about comics


The interview is up in parts. It was nice to do a longer interview and cover a lot of things that I don’t usually get to.

I’ll be there, as it’s sponsored by Popgun. Show up and get a free copy!