March 7th 2008

So these were the very last chalkboards I did for Wholefoods. I did these filling in at the Prospect Street store in Cambridge. I kind of forgot about them, so here’s a nice little blast from the past since I know some of you enjoyed these.

Both done with wide tip zig posterman markers.

Also, since I don’t really care anymore, here’s the link to all the Wholefoods era work of mine.


July 19th 2007

Here’s the latest A-frame.

I was pretty happy with it, considering my heart really wasn’t into drawing anything that early in the morning. On the days that I do these things, I wake up at 5am to get ready, get to work about 7 and pull all the old boards down, bring them downstairs to my office and start washing them off.

That’s usually too early to be creative for me, even with a medium cup of dunkin donuts coffee.
We had a party, it was grand. I can’t remember drinking that much in a looong time. I don’t think it beat the 45 beers I had in 2 days in Charlotte a couple years ago, but it was good.

It was later confirmed a success when Misty told me she fell off her bike riding home due to giving up on a hill.

We woke up to find this on the floor.

Here’s a strip I did. I think I’m slowly going to do more of these and maybe compile them on the side one day.

Here’s an unrelated picture I found on my phone that I thought was worth showing.

The red couch obviously means I’m in a gang.
Lastly, I’m obsessed with Zip Zap Rap right now. I think I need to draw an unauthorized comic about this persons life, and sell it at the cons next year.

July 6th 2007

Did this on the 4th of July.

Go time and a half!

July 1st 2007

I don’t sleep these days, due to a July deadline.

If I haven’t called you back, emailed you, It’s just the deadline hanging over my head. I’ll be a much happier person towards the end of July when this is all wrapped up.

Good news?
In ONE week I penciled 17 pages.
Layed out and thumbed 26 pages.
Colored 4 pages.
Completed new submission for Project Rooftop.

I’ve got the eye of the tiger.

June 20th 2007

Ok, I still need to post a bunch of art…

But for now,

June 1st 2007

Pretty exciting!?

What’s more exciting is that my friends Jen and Jess the twins graduated college today! I’m very proud of them, and to celebrate they had a rooftop party at the Ritz.

some shots of Boston from up high and some art

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May 29th 2007

WIP of Dali board art. He’s going to sell Tortilla chips tomorrow.

Here’s a quick picture of the tattoo. I want more Deforge tattoos now. NOW.
It’s actually not finished yet, since there’s a funny mistake. Most people would never know, but it’s a scary thing if it weren’t an easy fix.

I’m going to have my friend LJ come over sometime to paint. I haven’t painting in a looooong time, and I got a canvas on sale the other day.

I just saw a girl 2 steps ahead of me find 200 bucks on the floor in front of my house. I hate myself for not walking 2 steps faster.