June 26th 2008

I’ll be the featured artist on Ka-baam this weekend. It’s the second to last show. I checked it out a couple weeks ago and had a great time. They’re a very creative bunch.


I will also have copies of Aqua Leung that can be purchased after the show. So if you missed me at the Austin Books signing, and were wishing you could get an awesome sketch in the book, now is your chance.


June 24th 2008

Heroes was fun fun fun

Met a ton of super cool people. Too many to name, but you can just imagine with that rad guest list. Special thanks to Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland, Ed Piskor and Rick Spears for being awesome people to sit next to and hang with.

My bag seriously weighed like a MILLION pounds coming back with all those books. When I handed it off to the poor luggage girl I thought she was going to fall over. I felt bad for a couple of seconds.

So I come home to find no photoshop waiting for me. It’s been 20 days now. I called them to find out they shipped it to some place I don’t live, even though they have the right address, they chose to fuck it up and send it to the wrong one. I’m taking it to corporate office at this point.

Now that I’m done bitching about that, here’s some con sketches. I drew Superman riding Devil Dinosaur, and Thelonious Monk, and a really nice Maxy J. and Roxanne. If any of the people that own these see this, could you please scan me a copy? My camera was being lame and I guess didn’t want to save the photos.

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May 16th 2008

Ok, this might be the longest post ever.. FULL TRIP REPORT!

So I went to SXSW and passed out copies of Popgun with Joe K. from Image. Here’s a couple pictures of the Popgun sponsored party with Under the Radar magazine.

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May 6th 2008

I don’t have the energy to do a full report from NY Boston and Dallas, but here’s some art I haven’t posted yet, and a couple things from the Aqua release party (ended up in NY times!).

I got asked to enter something into that Iron Man Project Rooftop contest, but I was breaking under the Comicbook Tattoo deadline, taxes and getting ready to fly to NY…So maybe I’ll do a better one when I can actually put more thought into it. The movie was awesome though.

Birthday present for my Dad.

Birthday present for my friend Ben.

All in all it was a great trip. Met a ton of awesome people, and did 4 million Aqua Leung drawings for people. I’ll post more of that stuff in a couple of days. I have lots of photos for once.

March 8th 2008

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June 21st 2007

I was at Heroes last week for the last two days of it. (photo credit to Trippe)

Here’s some of the sketches that I actually remembered to take pictures of before I gave them to people.

I drew some really nice Aqua’s for people too darn it.

The best thing I did was this Edward Scissor Hands sketch in this guys book, who had full color sketches from Noto to Sam Keith.

And, like a complete idiot after going all out on it, and not taking a picture, I then went on to charge the guy a flimsy 20 bucks.


Cap eating kittens, my con special

Captain Marvel

Tom Waits

More happened at the con that I could probably write about, but instead I’ll just link my partner in crime for the con, Alberto Ruiz’s blog when he puts it up.

I will say that it was nice meeting Dean Trippe, Loston, the PJ gang and others.

And in a new tradition, starting now, thank you to all the following who were nice enough to give me their ashcans books.

Jim Mahfood
Dean Trippe
Jeremy Dale
Eraklis Petmezas

February 6th 2007

I’m back from NY, and I’m beat.

Thanks to everyone that came to hang out at the party.

Some new art to scan, and a lot of comics to draw, and a million people to email.

Glad to be back in Boston though, I missed the open space and trees.