Party Bear Returns!

The long awaited return of Party Bear is finally here!

Read it on every friday.

January 26th 2008

Seeing is Believing..

Outside my window in Boston, I’m glad to be back in warm weather.

Back to work on some new stuff.

That’s some new Party Bear on the screen.

Everyone should pick up my buddy Nathan Fox’s Pigeons from Hell. I have a tiny pinup in the back of the trade.

My snowboard in the new Shaun White game is super expensive, and I have yet to purchase it in game.

The little blurb you get if you press x.

I picked up a copy of Comics International, which has a sweet color feature on Aqua Leung! Read the rest of this entry »

January 22nd 2008

The warm weather of Texas feels really good right about now.

Bigger post about the trip tomorrow. For now here’s a page I just finished for the STAPLE! con booklet.

I haven’t really drawn a comic page in a month and a half, it felt weird.

December 3rd 2008

Ok, first off, I forgot I took this little progress photo a few weeks ago. It compares the pencils on my page to the way I script on the right. I believe that’s page 50 of Party Bear.

Here’s a special Aqua sketch for my buddy Jimi Hazel of 24-7 Spyz fame. If you aren’t familiar with their music,
here’s their myspace. Been one of my favorite bands for the longest time.

They’re playing a show with King’s X in NY December 16th. I can’t make it, but if you’re in the area you should totally catch them play, they’re awesome and so is King’s X.

November 14th 2008

Here’s a one pager I did for Le Monde Diplomatique (German Edition). They’re going to translate it into to German for me, which is nice.

This is more of my Captain X stuff that I’ve been writing on the side. It’s something I would like to do after Party Bear and Maxy J. are over. This is also something that I originally threw at the Zuda editors but they suggested that I do Maxy instead.

The colors are a little funky after converting them from CMYK to RGB but you get the idea.

November 12th 2008

Just about through all my non comics art commitments.  It’s getting dark way too early here.

November 10th 2008

So this past Thursday and Friday I was hired by Canson to draw and speak to teachers at an art teachers convention in San Antonio.

Canson has this new line called Fanboy, and they sent me a bunch to mess around with. The convention went well, and I’m just so amazed that about 80% of the teachers I talked to said that they have so many girls interested in making comics. This was not the case when I was growing up, and I guess we have Manga to thank. I’m excited to see the future generations of female American comic book/manga artists, and what they do.

As far as the paper goes, you won’t get any complaints from me. It’s already hard enough to be a comic book artist just starting out and trying to get supplies at your local art/craft stores that’s actually designed for what you do. If I were lucky, I might stumble across some crappy blueline every now and then. The paper holds up well to ink and markers, and as an example here’s a little something I drew last week with it.

My only crit was that I wouldn’t mind if they added a few more pre measured blue line markers on the sides for panel layout. It doesn’t hurt to have more, and it makes things soooo much faster.

A day later, I attended Wizard World Dallas. I really didn’t want to go, but I was visiting friends, and one of them was set on going. I have a hard time with conventions, because I honestly don’t care for my own industry. If I’m not careful I could easily end up hating comics. I really only read just a hand full of titles, and I only keep up with them in trades. I find the only positive thing I get out of going to these shows is meeting newer artists and talking to them about what they’re working on. Here’s a couple of guys I keep bumping into that are just plain good people, and their art is awesome.

Lastly, I randomly bumped into Y2Jenn, AKA Jenn Lee from deviantart fame, with her husband Bryce Lee. Running into them after not talking to them for maybe 4 years was the highlight of the show.