Party Bear Returns!

The long awaited return of Party Bear is finally here!

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January 25th 2008

So here’s a couple of pages from two books I’m working on.

Please ask your local comic shop to order some Aqua Leung. I think it’s in previews now, I will confirm soon.

Some Aqua Leung goodness.

I’m big on multi tasking, so I’ve been working on Party Bear quite a bit on the side. I’m going to relaunch the entire project in the near future. I’m redrawing the first part of the book and rewriting a big chunk, so some pages will no longer exist, and they will be replaced. Either way, when it goes back up it will be 34 pages and ready to be drawn until completion from there.

It will also be sporting a slightly larger size to make it a nicer read online.

I’ve also drawn some new Maxy J. Millionaire.

October 13th 2006

Read it over on ACT-I-VATE

And listen to the theme song here!
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