October 1st 2008

Here’s a flyer I did for this years 24 Hour Comics Day in Austin.

I will of course be attending.


July 23rd 2008


Go read ACT-I-VATE stories from Popgun 2 for free!
My story with Benito is not included in this preview, as a heads up.

Also, Comic Book Tattoo is out today, I’m in it with a story called Crucify.

July 2nd 2008

Austin Books signing

Now that the time is locked down, here’s some new art!

July 21st 2008

Also, those buttons I showed before are now on sale, check em out here.


I’ll be at Austin Books on the 30th signing both Popgun 2 and Comic book tattoo, as well as Aqua Leungs and whatever else people want me to sign. I’m still figuring out what time exactly, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ll also be doing live art here on the 27th,

June 26th 2008

I’ll be the featured artist on Ka-baam this weekend. It’s the second to last show. I checked it out a couple weeks ago and had a great time. They’re a very creative bunch.


I will also have copies of Aqua Leung that can be purchased after the show. So if you missed me at the Austin Books signing, and were wishing you could get an awesome sketch in the book, now is your chance.

May 24th 2008

I almost totally forgot to mention that I have some art in Eye Candy vol. 2 that my buddy Alberto Ruiz just released. Here’s some photos I stole from his blog.

May 16th 2008

Ok, this might be the longest post ever.. FULL TRIP REPORT!

So I went to SXSW and passed out copies of Popgun with Joe K. from Image. Here’s a couple pictures of the Popgun sponsored party with Under the Radar magazine.

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