November 9th 2008

Austin American Statesman FAILS.

I was attending the Book People Art SPEIGALMAN signing and lecture a few weeks ago when I was stopped by the Statesman. More specifically Katherine Tanney felt that I didn’t give her the type of quotes she was fishing for and decided to take a little jab at me in her column.

“In attendance: Local comic book artist, Paul Maybury, 26, whose graphic novel, “Aqua Leung,” was published in April. “I thought it was great,” he said of Spiegelman’s presentation. When pressed for something more, Maybury fell silent, which perhaps explains why, for his own book, he chose to collaborate with writer Mark Andrew Smith. Books sold: 60 copies of “Breakdowns,” 15 copies of Spiegelman’s new children’s book, “Jack & the Box,” 15 copies of “Maus,” and 10 copies of his 9/11 memoir, “In the Shadow of No Towers.””

I remember her asking me what I thought and saying that, and before I could get another sentence out she was like, “That’s it?” as if my answer didn’t cut it. At that point I really didn’t feel like talking to her but I ellaborated anyways and explained that Maus was one of my first graphic novels etc. etc.

Any ways, perhaps master journalist Katherine Tanney could spend less time being rude, and more time double checking her typos.

Klosterman, Soiegelman and Vowell invade Austin
Three authors offer three very different sensibilities
By Katherine Tanney
Sunday, November 09, 2008″

Full article here.

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October 8th 2008

If you’re in Boston, I did the Weekly Dig cover this week.

I love Tak and the guys at the Dig, but every now and then they tweak my art and I think it loses a little bit of what I was going for. With this it looks like they made is brighter for print, but the background is a little too delicate to hold up.

Here’s the original that I sent in.

Last update for a bit I think. I have friends in town so I have to entertain.

June 24th 2008

Heroes was fun fun fun

Met a ton of super cool people. Too many to name, but you can just imagine with that rad guest list. Special thanks to Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland, Ed Piskor and Rick Spears for being awesome people to sit next to and hang with.

My bag seriously weighed like a MILLION pounds coming back with all those books. When I handed it off to the poor luggage girl I thought she was going to fall over. I felt bad for a couple of seconds.

So I come home to find no photoshop waiting for me. It’s been 20 days now. I called them to find out they shipped it to some place I don’t live, even though they have the right address, they chose to fuck it up and send it to the wrong one. I’m taking it to corporate office at this point.

Now that I’m done bitching about that, here’s some con sketches. I drew Superman riding Devil Dinosaur, and Thelonious Monk, and a really nice Maxy J. and Roxanne. If any of the people that own these see this, could you please scan me a copy? My camera was being lame and I guess didn’t want to save the photos.

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June 18th 2008

Well I’ll come out of hiding for the wonderful Heroes Con in Charlotte NC!!

Don’t know what I look like?

Well here’s a blurry photo of me. Good luck SUCKAAAAS!

If you need more help finding me, I’ll be sitting next to Jim Mahfood at table 708 right near the entrance.

I still don’t have my copy of photoshop from Adobe. I hate them.


As some of you know, I’m a Bostonian. Like, actually from the city of Boston. Not the suburbs of MA. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see the Celtics win last night. I’ve always been more of a Celtics fan over the Red Sox. So while the Red Sox winning a few years back was amazing, the Celtics winning almost made me cry.

That’s it for the sports talk, I just had to put it out there.

April 3rd 2008

So for the most part the book is exactly how I hoped it would be printed. I need to apologize for the following though.

1) I’ve spotted 4 typos. : (
2) They used the wrong version of the map that Deforge did that does NOT have his name on it. It’s party my fault because I proofed the final version and missed it. I also went to thank you as Michael DeforgeO by mistake which makes me a double jerk.
3) I forgot to thank my friend LJ (no not livejounral).

I am shamed.
Also, here’s a new review of the book.

It’s kind of a mixed bag and they painfully show the first few pages of the book I drew three years ago, but they compliment some of the parts that I wrote, so that’s pretty rad.

We’re also in Wizard magazine again somewhere. I need to go pick it up. I found this yesterday as well.

March 15th 2008

So I had a blast hanging with Joe from Image and seeing some live music. I definitely want to be more involved in SXSW next year.

I stumbled across this early review of Aqua Leung and thought it was pretty cool.

I can’t wait to get a second book out there so I can be more than that other dude next to Mark. I was actually surprised that this was a really positive review of the book. I think this is the first outside opinion of it that I had no previous interaction with. I’m always totally nervous people are going to hate the book.

The only downside to this review is that they don’t get the name right. This really isn’t their fault because they really DID get the name right, but we’re pronouncing it like Aqua LUNG, and I’ve heard a couple people say it Aqua LEYUNG, which sounds cool either way..

September 22nd 2007

Entertainment Weekly gets a B- for spelling my name wrong.

Edited by Ivan Brandon, written/illustrated by various artists
The latest volume of the robot-centric sci-fi series compiles three dozen vignettes chronicling the all-too-human lives of sentient machines. Think a cautionary Iraq parable (Seth M. Peck and Rafael Albuquerque’s ”Oil for Blood”), a cartoonish tale of working-class blues (Josh Wagner and Robbi Rodriguez’s ”’So This ROBOT Walks into a Bar…”’), or ”Andy,” Macon Blair and Francesco Francavilla’s decidedly non-PETA-approved look at the trials of an angry lab gorilla. FOR FANS OF… Brandon and Miles Gunter’s NYC Mech series; C3P0 and R2D2. DOES IT DELIVER? Turns out robots are people, too. Though the collection shifts from deep space to gang violence to a robot bug family’s sudden tragedy (Paul Mayberry’s endearing ”Give Me Some Color”), the stories all share a knack for humanistic storytelling. Aside from a few flubs like the obnoxious orange and green pages of Mark Ricketts and Andy Kuhn’s ”Bugged,” the top-shelf art doesn’t waver much either, thanks to stellar work from creators such as Francavilla and Niko Henrichon. While occasionally idiosyncratic, 24Seven is built to last. B+ —David Greenwald

Ivan told me to change my name to Mayberry. I just might.

I came SO close to getting BURY put on my arm so I can just point it out to people.