December 3rd 2008

Ok, first off, I forgot I took this little progress photo a few weeks ago. It compares the pencils on my page to the way I script on the right. I believe that’s page 50 of Party Bear.

Here’s a special Aqua sketch for my buddy Jimi Hazel of 24-7 Spyz fame. If you aren’t familiar with their music,
here’s their myspace. Been one of my favorite bands for the longest time.

They’re playing a show with King’s X in NY December 16th. I can’t make it, but if you’re in the area you should totally catch them play, they’re awesome and so is King’s X.


September 3rd 2008

Well, I’ve been in writing and website building mode for a while.

Here’s my attempt at drawing something that isn’t a comic book page. I’m most likely going to submit it to threadless or some other site like it.

I was also going to make a funny post about how I’m a 26 year old man that can’t grow a beard to save his life. It’s been 3 days without shaving and this is all I have going It’s weird, I have no problem, as you can see, growing hair on the top of my head. Well, instead of all that talk, let’s talk about how my camera loves to take blurry pictures. :/

June 24th 2008

Heroes was fun fun fun

Met a ton of super cool people. Too many to name, but you can just imagine with that rad guest list. Special thanks to Jim Mahfood, Dave Crosland, Ed Piskor and Rick Spears for being awesome people to sit next to and hang with.

My bag seriously weighed like a MILLION pounds coming back with all those books. When I handed it off to the poor luggage girl I thought she was going to fall over. I felt bad for a couple of seconds.

So I come home to find no photoshop waiting for me. It’s been 20 days now. I called them to find out they shipped it to some place I don’t live, even though they have the right address, they chose to fuck it up and send it to the wrong one. I’m taking it to corporate office at this point.

Now that I’m done bitching about that, here’s some con sketches. I drew Superman riding Devil Dinosaur, and Thelonious Monk, and a really nice Maxy J. and Roxanne. If any of the people that own these see this, could you please scan me a copy? My camera was being lame and I guess didn’t want to save the photos.

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November 4th 2007

I did this for myself. I’ve decided I would paint again, if I had paint.

Doesn’t look like that will happen, but if it were there it would happen.

Penciled 3 new pages of Party Bear today, emailed some people, scripted and thumbed 8 new pages of something, did grocery shopping.

September 19th 2007

Here’s something I ended up just calling, “Orange Line”.

So I haven’t been online much. Just kind of enjoying my last few weeks in Boston.

I haven’t really drawn much at all in quite a while. I have drawn Aqua Leung pages (penciled), but that’s more like the Paul machine just on auto pilot.

It’s actually nice to just enjoy myself for a bit. I feel less like a comicbook artist right now, just simply an artist.

Ideas are coming to me all the time, mostly Party Bear. I try to write them all down as fast as I can.

I’m also all done with working for a while. Today is my first day as a free man, kind of.

Not a lot to say really, just thought I would update with something. I went on a whale watch, which was a lot of fun.

I’m sure everyone knows Popgun is coming out, so I don’t need to blab on about it. You wouldn’t know it, since my name isn’t ever mentioned on anthologies, but I have 3 stories in there.

February 12th 2007

more art!

This is the A-frame, which is pretty much a really big stupid chalkboard that comes up to my chin, and it’s double sided, and I have to change it every week.

Since it gets left outside when it rains, I can’t use chalk, so I’m forced to use paint markers, which as you can probably guess, are super hard to use. I was kind of proud of the way this one came out though so i’m sharing.

I went and grabbed a bunch of my issue of the Dig before it gets switched out.

Secret concepts that aren’t so secret I guess. It’s Aqua Leung stuff! I know all this endless designing and planning will be rocksome once everything starts coming out. It’s like I got to design my own little universe of characters and history.

And lastly, I’m listening to God of love by badbrains. While everyone knocks this album, it’s a damn sweet album compared to some of the crap that comes out these days. It’s only offense are two REALLY annoying songs, but the rest is great, even if a departure from previous albums.

February 9th 2007

Quick camera phone picture from NY

Weekly Dig cover for this week.

Onion for a french onion soup display I had to put together for work.

Sketches at the metropolitan museum.