Party Bear Returns!

The long awaited return of Party Bear is finally here!

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July 23rd 2008

Go read ACT-I-VATE stories from Popgun 2 for free!
My story with Benito is not included in this preview, as a heads up.

Also, Comic Book Tattoo is out today, I’m in it with a story called Crucify.

May 16th 2008

Ok, this might be the longest post ever.. FULL TRIP REPORT!

So I went to SXSW and passed out copies of Popgun with Joe K. from Image. Here’s a couple pictures of the Popgun sponsored party with Under the Radar magazine.

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February 6th 2007

I’m back from NY, and I’m beat.

Thanks to everyone that came to hang out at the party.

Some new art to scan, and a lot of comics to draw, and a million people to email.

Glad to be back in Boston though, I missed the open space and trees.

Who you callin a shrimp!?

Who you callin' a shrimp!?

Don’t forget to come and watch me eat cake like an animal!

Also, I drew a shrimp, nothing too fancy.

December 6th 2006

October 13th 2006

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