October 3rd 2008

Hey, ever wonder what it would have been like if I colored Suburban Galmour by Jamie Mckelvie?

Probably not.

I was actually asked to, but I turned it down as I was working on my own stuff. However, Jamie asked me to do a rush coloring job for some non comics stuff a few months back. Neither the art or the colors represent our best, but then again neither of us slept while this stuff was cranked out. Here’s a tease of something you’ll probably never see unless you’re going to that college it was made for.

In other news, I’m hard at work on Party Bear. It’s not returning until December, but here’s a sneak peek without any dialog to spoil anything.


February 25th 2008


Check out Newsarama, it’s got cool Aqua banners all over it!

Also, this knocked me out of my chair when I checked my email last night.

I was going to show the Kochalka and Jeffrey Brown too, but I gotta save something for the book.

If you haven’t already, please order a copy of Aqua Leung at you local comicbook store. Feb08 2122 is the order number.