September 16th 2008

Yesterday was a good day. I wrote ten pages of which I was very happy with.

A lot of things in the works lately, and I’m making good progress on all of them.

I just got a copy of Under the Radar magazine in the mail, and I noticed Popgun 2 was reviewed. And I was kind of sort of mentioned along with Nikki Cook and Benito. Which is kind of cool, since Prey On You, my first “credited” written story has gotten a few nods around the internet. I won’t get into the whole not getting credit as a writer thing on Aqua.

CBT also got a good review, but my story was so small it will never stand out in that 500 page monster.

Now if only they would send me a copy of CBT and Popgun so I can actually read them..

LASTLY, I would like to thank Olli Hihnala ( for coming on to Party Bear and beyond helping me keep the machine running by providing flatting work. Check out his work, he’s awesome.


September 18th 2008

New Maxy J. Millionaire wallets are almost here, courtesy of Tinymeat.


Ok, so as I’m sitting here working on page I DON’T KNOW anymore of Party Bear, I’ve become quite fried from looking at my own art for so long.

Post up something YOU’VE been working on if you have it. I need something to look at.


Pretty nice review of Aqua Leung over here.

April 10th 2008

Hey folks, Paul Maybury here.

Tuesday, April 15.
CBLDF’s DRINK & DRAW! Tax Day is Over! Now drink up with NYC’s best cartoonists and party for a good cause! Featuring Jeffrey Brown, Ken Knudtsen, David Finch, Dan Goldman, Dean Haspiel, Alex Maleev, Paul Maybury, and dozens of NY’s Finest Cartoonists. Sponsored by and Image Comics, premiering Paul Maybury’s graphic novel AQUA LEUNG (As seen on Additional support provided by ACT-I-VATE, The Daily Crosshatch, SMITH Magazine & JahFurry!

7:00 to 11:00 PM at Village Pourhouse

64 3rd Avenue at 11th St, Drink Specials all night!, $5 Suggested Donation; $20 for VIP Schwag Bag

In other news, More Aqua on Newsarama!

April 8th 2008

April 3rd 2008

So for the most part the book is exactly how I hoped it would be printed. I need to apologize for the following though.

1) I’ve spotted 4 typos. : (
2) They used the wrong version of the map that Deforge did that does NOT have his name on it. It’s party my fault because I proofed the final version and missed it. I also went to thank you as Michael DeforgeO by mistake which makes me a double jerk.
3) I forgot to thank my friend LJ (no not livejounral).

I am shamed.
Also, here’s a new review of the book.

It’s kind of a mixed bag and they painfully show the first few pages of the book I drew three years ago, but they compliment some of the parts that I wrote, so that’s pretty rad.

We’re also in Wizard magazine again somewhere. I need to go pick it up. I found this yesterday as well.

April 2nd 2008

Here’s one of the first reviews of Aqua Leung.

During the making of the book I took a lot of progress photos. I wanted to use them in the back of the book but didn’t find the time to include them. I’m thinking about hosting all of them over on flickr or something.

Aqua hits stores next week!

March 15th 2008

So I had a blast hanging with Joe from Image and seeing some live music. I definitely want to be more involved in SXSW next year.

I stumbled across this early review of Aqua Leung and thought it was pretty cool.

I can’t wait to get a second book out there so I can be more than that other dude next to Mark. I was actually surprised that this was a really positive review of the book. I think this is the first outside opinion of it that I had no previous interaction with. I’m always totally nervous people are going to hate the book.

The only downside to this review is that they don’t get the name right. This really isn’t their fault because they really DID get the name right, but we’re pronouncing it like Aqua LUNG, and I’ve heard a couple people say it Aqua LEYUNG, which sounds cool either way..