November 9th 2008

Austin American Statesman FAILS.

I was attending the Book People Art SPEIGALMAN signing and lecture a few weeks ago when I was stopped by the Statesman. More specifically Katherine Tanney felt that I didn’t give her the type of quotes she was fishing for and decided to take a little jab at me in her column.

“In attendance: Local comic book artist, Paul Maybury, 26, whose graphic novel, “Aqua Leung,” was published in April. “I thought it was great,” he said of Spiegelman’s presentation. When pressed for something more, Maybury fell silent, which perhaps explains why, for his own book, he chose to collaborate with writer Mark Andrew Smith. Books sold: 60 copies of “Breakdowns,” 15 copies of Spiegelman’s new children’s book, “Jack & the Box,” 15 copies of “Maus,” and 10 copies of his 9/11 memoir, “In the Shadow of No Towers.””

I remember her asking me what I thought and saying that, and before I could get another sentence out she was like, “That’s it?” as if my answer didn’t cut it. At that point I really didn’t feel like talking to her but I ellaborated anyways and explained that Maus was one of my first graphic novels etc. etc.

Any ways, perhaps master journalist Katherine Tanney could spend less time being rude, and more time double checking her typos.

Klosterman, Soiegelman and Vowell invade Austin
Three authors offer three very different sensibilities
By Katherine Tanney
Sunday, November 09, 2008″

Full article here.

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November 5th 2008

Hey everyone.

I’ve been laying low and taking it easy lately. I hurt my drawing hand a few weeks back, apparently bad enough to need weeks of inactivity to make it feel right again. I was having trouble holding a pen even. Thankfully it’s better now, and I still have no idea what I did.

So the bad news is I wasn’t able to complete 24 hour comics day as I had planned. I wrote an entire mini graphic novel, and drew the first 4 pages before my hand killed and my cold (yes I got sick too) got the best of me. I then went on auto pilot and drew 11 pages of Renegade Panda and friends. I’ll probably just post them next year as I’ll just pick up where I left off.

I was sitting on this for a bit, but if you buy Shaun White Snowboarding for the Wii, X-box or PS3 you can sport a nifty board designed by me for the game. I hear that Burton is making it into a real board as well. Neat, right!?

For those of you attending Wizard World Dallas. I’ll be popping in on Saturday just to say “hey” to a few people. If you recognize me or catch my name tag feel free to bug me for a sketch.

I’ve got quite a list of things to do built up.

– The New Alibi’s album cover (my friend Drew from Lost City Angel’s new band)
– Birthday present art
– 3 pieces of Christmas art.
– 10 new pages of Party Bear to draw and color with help from Olli this month (in addition to the 10 already completed, suckas!)
– Demonstration comics for the next two days in San Antonio for a Canson product demo.
– Finish inking Sock Monster 1 pager I did for fun
– 1 Page comic for Le Monde Diplomatique (German edition)

I did a story for Popgun 2 that later got bumped to volume 3, which later went on to be dropped despite me being listed as a creator on amazon. It’s a story titled Hardcore, and it’s written by me and drawn by the talented Anas Awad, who some of you I’m sure are familiar with.

I’m debating posting it online for free. Maybe through ACT-I-VATE. It seems a shame to let it be shelved due to hard feelings directed towards me when it had little to nothing to do with Anas. I guess that’s unfortunately the reality of the business though.

In other news, I used what I learned from Ms. Thaxton in school and busted out the needle and thread to create Cornelius Buffington. If you live in Boston, you will notice his handsome face in place of my own handsome face in the Dig a week ago.

Lastly, here’s a pic of me and my friend Claire who randomly popped up in Austin for a wedding a few weeks ago. You might unknowingly enjoy her art at the Fresh Pond whole foods in Cambridge. She’s the store artist.



October 8th 2008

If you’re in Boston, I did the Weekly Dig cover this week.

I love Tak and the guys at the Dig, but every now and then they tweak my art and I think it loses a little bit of what I was going for. With this it looks like they made is brighter for print, but the background is a little too delicate to hold up.

Here’s the original that I sent in.

Last update for a bit I think. I have friends in town so I have to entertain.

October 3rd 2008

Hey, ever wonder what it would have been like if I colored Suburban Galmour by Jamie Mckelvie?

Probably not.

I was actually asked to, but I turned it down as I was working on my own stuff. However, Jamie asked me to do a rush coloring job for some non comics stuff a few months back. Neither the art or the colors represent our best, but then again neither of us slept while this stuff was cranked out. Here’s a tease of something you’ll probably never see unless you’re going to that college it was made for.

In other news, I’m hard at work on Party Bear. It’s not returning until December, but here’s a sneak peek without any dialog to spoil anything.

October 1st 2008

Here’s a flyer I did for this years 24 Hour Comics Day in Austin.

I will of course be attending.

September 16th 2008

Yesterday was a good day. I wrote ten pages of which I was very happy with.

A lot of things in the works lately, and I’m making good progress on all of them.

I just got a copy of Under the Radar magazine in the mail, and I noticed Popgun 2 was reviewed. And I was kind of sort of mentioned along with Nikki Cook and Benito. Which is kind of cool, since Prey On You, my first “credited” written story has gotten a few nods around the internet. I won’t get into the whole not getting credit as a writer thing on Aqua.

CBT also got a good review, but my story was so small it will never stand out in that 500 page monster.

Now if only they would send me a copy of CBT and Popgun so I can actually read them..

LASTLY, I would like to thank Olli Hihnala ( for coming on to Party Bear and beyond helping me keep the machine running by providing flatting work. Check out his work, he’s awesome.

September 18th 2008

New Maxy J. Millionaire wallets are almost here, courtesy of Tinymeat.


Ok, so as I’m sitting here working on page I DON’T KNOW anymore of Party Bear, I’ve become quite fried from looking at my own art for so long.

Post up something YOU’VE been working on if you have it. I need something to look at.


Pretty nice review of Aqua Leung over here.