November 10th 2008

So this past Thursday and Friday I was hired by Canson to draw and speak to teachers at an art teachers convention in San Antonio.

Canson has this new line called Fanboy, and they sent me a bunch to mess around with. The convention went well, and I’m just so amazed that about 80% of the teachers I talked to said that they have so many girls interested in making comics. This was not the case when I was growing up, and I guess we have Manga to thank. I’m excited to see the future generations of female American comic book/manga artists, and what they do.

As far as the paper goes, you won’t get any complaints from me. It’s already hard enough to be a comic book artist just starting out and trying to get supplies at your local art/craft stores that’s actually designed for what you do. If I were lucky, I might stumble across some crappy blueline every now and then. The paper holds up well to ink and markers, and as an example here’s a little something I drew last week with it.

My only crit was that I wouldn’t mind if they added a few more pre measured blue line markers on the sides for panel layout. It doesn’t hurt to have more, and it makes things soooo much faster.

A day later, I attended Wizard World Dallas. I really didn’t want to go, but I was visiting friends, and one of them was set on going. I have a hard time with conventions, because I honestly don’t care for my own industry. If I’m not careful I could easily end up hating comics. I really only read just a hand full of titles, and I only keep up with them in trades. I find the only positive thing I get out of going to these shows is meeting newer artists and talking to them about what they’re working on. Here’s a couple of guys I keep bumping into that are just plain good people, and their art is awesome.

Lastly, I randomly bumped into Y2Jenn, AKA Jenn Lee from deviantart fame, with her husband Bryce Lee. Running into them after not talking to them for maybe 4 years was the highlight of the show.


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